Sunday 29 May 2016

Flush Deck Grating and Floor Inlet Fittings For Pools

Flush Deck Grating

Floor Inlet Fitting

Waterco’s Flush Deck Grating, installed around the edge of the pool, will boost skimming performance so leaves and debris are easily flushed away. When combined with the Floor Inlet, water is circulated back into the pool from the bottom up. The pool water is circulated uniformly, ensuring there are no ‘dead spots’.

Flush Deck Grating
  • Modular section – easy fi tting especially around curves and bends
  • Moulded pattern surface – non slip surface
  • Flush fitting – no protrusion to pool surround
  • Safe even water fl ow – maximum surface skimming

Floor Inlet Fitting
  • 40 x 50mm
  •  Adjustable
  • Slip fi t tail slots for easy access into 40/50mm pipe
  • Suction area of 7500mm2
  • Max fl ow rate 245 lpm

The grates are easy to fit around the curves of free form pools and each section can be removed easily when cleaning the
drain trench. The unique wave design on each section of the grating also provides grip to keep the edge of your pool safe for

I Section Design
The grate design incorporates an “I” section to maximize strength and durability of the grating. Both the grating and the inlets
are made from ABS plastic that is non corrosive, resistant to chemical staining and UV degradation.

Simple Installation
As each section of the grating is a snap fi t. The grates can be easily installed on a slope if desired and this will minimise any
splash out.

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