Sunday 23 October 2016


GEL AGROBIO adalah sejenis bahan yang diperbuat daripada bahan sintetik polyacrylate polimer. GEL AGROBIO menggunakan teknologi Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) di mana ia berperanan dalam menyerap dan menyimpan air 300-400 ganda berbanding berat semasa kering.

GEL AGROBIO adalah Non-Toxic, Harmless dan Non-Polluting. Ianya sesua untuk digunakan pada semua jenis pokok dan tanaman

Kelebihan menggunakan GEL AGROBIO pada pokok-pokok anda:
  • Mengurangkan kekerapan menyiram pokok (water irrigation).
  • Meningkatkan keupayaan pokok menyerap dan menyimpan air.
  • Mengelakkan tanah menjadi padat dan mampat (soil compaction)
  • Meningkatkan kecekapan penggunaan air oleh akar pokok dengan adanya mekanisma 'slow release of water' dengan teknologi Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP).
  • Meningkatkan kebolehtelapan rongga dan liang tanah (Porosity)
  • Meningkatkan kesuburan pokok dan tanaman.

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Tuesday 18 October 2016

TCCA 90% Type Granular 50Kg

Name: TCCA
Synonym: Trichloroisocyanuric acid; Trichloro-1,3,5-triazinetrion;Trichloro-s-triazinetrione
Molecule Formula: C3Cl3N3O3
Type: Granular
Weight: 50Kg

TCCA 90 G 50Kg

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Ultra-Violet (UV) lamps for Garden Ponds

JEBO, POWER CLEAR, ADA, EHK and PERIHA Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilizer lamps for garden ponds. See photos below for the detail specification.  For further enquiries, kindly email us at Thanks.




EHK UV Light


Submersible Water Pumps

HAILEA, LIFETECH, CS2, MEPCATO, TSUNAMI, HCP and NOVA Submersible Water pumps for garden ponds. See photos below for the detail specification.  For further enquiries, kindly email us at Thanks.

HAILEA Submersible water pumps

LIFETECH Submersible water pumps

CS2 Submersible water pumps

MEPCATO Submersible water pumps

TSUNAMI, HCP & NOVA Submersible water pumps

LIFETECH Small Water pumps

LIFETECH Small Water pumps for garden ponds. See photos below for the detail specification.  For further enquiries, kindly  email us at Thanks.

BETTAS and LIFETECH series water pumps for garden ponds.

BETTAS Water pumps and LIFETECH Water pumps for garden ponds. See photos below for the detail specification.  For further enquiries, kindlyemail us at Thanks.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

ECOBLU Nozzle spray pattern head for water features and water fountain.

Click photos below to enlarge image. Various ECOBLU models and types of water fountain head nozzle inclusive of water patterns photos and specification for each fountain nozzle head.

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Saturday 2 July 2016

How to: Core Drilling/Coring for Pools and Fish Ponds- To install additional piping or conduits / Bagaimana untuk membuat penambahan lubang pada kolam ikan atau kolam mandi dengan menggunakan cara coring

Video ini memberi penerangan secara terperinci bagaimana untuk membuat  lubang pada kolam untuk penambahan pipe atau pun penambahan elektrikal konduit pada kolam yang sedia ada.

lokasi projek ini adalah di sekitar Masjid Tanah, Melaka di mana kami ingin membuat penukaran sistem penapisan kolam yang sedia ada. Memandangkan sistem penapisan Waterco memerlukan lubang paip masuk, lubang paip keluar dan juga lubang konduit untuk pendawaian elektrikal, kami perlu melaksanakan coring drilling untuk membuat penambahan 3 lubang paip tersebut.

This video explained on the technical know how of core drilling in order to make additional holes for the existing fish pond.

The project is located in Masjid Tanah, Malacca Malaysia. Installing Waterco water filtration requires pipings for in and out water as well as conduit for the electrical wiring. Thus, we had to drill 3 holes by using the core drilling machine.

Enjoy the video. Thanks

Sunday 26 June 2016

Pokok Kacang Tanduk / Buffalo Nuts / Water Caltop plant / Trapa Bicornis

(Buffalo Nut/Water Caltrop)

(View of the Buffalo Nut)

(Water Caltrop's leaves)

(Buffalo Nut ready to be harvested)

(Buffalo Nut)

Trapa bicornis


  • Water caltrop.
  • Bat Nut
  • Goat Head
  • Bull Nut
  • Buffalo Nut
  • Ling nut( Língjiǎo)
  • Ling Kok
  • Ling kio
  • Singhada
  • Pani-phal
  • Shingoda
  • Singhara
  • Kacang Tanduk

Asia and Africa

  • Floating annual aquatic plants
  • Growing in slow moving or stagnant water 
  • Roman soldiers threw into the paths of horses to injure their feet
  • Cultivated in China and India for at least 3,000 years for the edible seeds

  • Submerged stem reaches 12 to 15 feet (3.6 to 4.5 meters) in length, 
  • Anchored into the mud by very fine roots. 

  • It has two types of leaves, finely divided feather-like submerged leaves borne along the length of the stem, and undivided floating leaves borne in a rosette at the water's surface. 
  • The floating leaves have saw-tooth edges and are ovoid or triangular in shape, 2–3cm long, on inflated petioles 5–9 cm long, which provide added buoyancy for the leafy portion. 

  • Four-petalled white flowers
  • insect pollinated.
  • Edible
  • seeds can remain viable for up to 12 years
  • although most will germinate within the first two years. 
  • Called Ling Nut in China and it is considered a lucky food to eat
  • The fruit is a nut with four 0.5 in (1cm),
  • barbed spines

  • The plant spreads by the rosettes 
  • fruits detaching from the stem

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Crystal Clear Flowing Fish Pond landscape with Ultra-violet and Sand Filtration System / Lanskap Kolam Ikan jernih dengan menggunakan sistem ultra-violet dan penapis media pasir

Previously, external living spaces and landscape was not regarded as important and most people spent short period of time in the evening at their outdoor spaces while gardening and watching their children playing. Nowadays we start to fully utilize our outdoor spaces and now it became as important as indoor spaces when it comes to spatial management.

Malay: Dahulu ruang luar rumah dan lanskap adalah tidak dianggap penting dan kita hanya menggunakan ruang luar hanya sekejap pada sebelah petang sambil berkebun dan memerhati anak anak bermain. Sekarang ruang luar dan lanskap telah menjadi penting dan telah diambil kira didalam perancangan pengurusan ruang.

Below is an example of a new landscape concept with a combination of aquascape (Fish pond) and a gazebo platform:

For this blog entry, I would like to emphasize more on the fish pond system that we have installed back in year 2011. It uses the ultra violet system and sand filtration system in order to maintain the water clarity. The video that we have uploaded below was taken on 11th June 2016 which is almost 5 years of it's operation. From this video, you can see the water clarity in crystal clear condition maintained even after 5 years without the need of the home owner to frequently changed the water. A lever change to 'backwash' mode from the sand filter was the only thing that the home owner required to do every week.

Friday 17 June 2016

Pokok Serai Pedas / Lemon Myrtle / Backhousia Citriodora untuk dijual / For Sale

Nama Pokok / Plant Name: Serai Pedas /  Lemon Myrtle
Nama Saintifik /  Scientific Name: Backhousia Citriodora
Polybag size: 10 inch x 10 inch
Height: 10 - 12 inch
Khasiat: Ubat Kurus dan Penawar Sakit Gastrik
Selling Price: RM 25.00 (Excluding Delivery)

Thursday 16 June 2016

Pokok Asam Limau Kerat Lintang /Asam Kiya untuk dijual / Citrus Medica For Sale

Nama Pokok: Asam Limau Kerat Lintang
Nama Lain: Asam Kiya
Nama Saintifik: Citrus Medica
Polybag size: 10 inch x 10 inch
Height: 300mm to 400mm
Selling Price: RM 15.00 (Excluding Delivery)

Saturday 4 June 2016

The application of Super Absorbent Polymer in Agriculture (SAP) / Penggunaan Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) di dalam Pertanian

Advantages of using Super Absorbent Polymer in Agriculture:

  • increasing their water-holding capacity,
  • increasing water use efficiency
  • enhancing soil permeability and infiltration rates
  • reducing irrigation frequency
  • reducing compaction tendency
  • stopping erosion and water run-off
  • increasing plant performance (especially in structure -less soils in areas subject to drought). 

For inquiries on Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), kindly Email: or Whatsapp/call: 012-3580202

Other alternatives of Bio-Filter for your ponds / alternatif Penapis Bio untuk Kolam Anda

Bio-filter is a filter using ecology or nature to remove toxic from your pond What ever you going to design, bio filter must have the following components: A place or housing under anaerobic condition where denitrifying microbes and fungi can do their works eating dead leaves, fish excretion, uneaten fish food and dead water fauna turning it into ammonia, nitrites and finally nitrates. A system to clean particles in the water (particle filtration system) Plants to absorb the nitrates from the water or by other mean. 


As per plan and cross section above:- 
  • The stone aggregates at the bottom of the pond provide housing for microbes and fungi
  • Particles in the water flow through the perforated pipes under the aggregates and filtered by the sand filter 
  • Cissus nodosa or thousand roots plant on the pergola sent down their roots to the pond water and absorb the nitrates 
  • The open end of HDPE pipes in the pool need to be capped. 
  • Try also to plant other plants at the edge of the pond, that can send its root to the water to help removing nitrates and also try to reduce sunlight from reaching the water 

Cissus Nodosa or Thousand Roots plant


  • With the above system usually floating plants will double every fortnightly, it can be a good composed fertilizer 
  • Instead of floating plants you can plant hydroponic vegetable in this small pool. 
  • Try also to plant other plants at the pool edge , plant that can send its rootdown to the water to help removing nitrates and also try to reduce sunlight from reaching the water. 


  • With the above system you just need a submersible pump to make it works and use plants to get rid of nitrates 
  • You still need to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching your pool. 
  • You also need a place to hide the system because you may not want it to be near your beautiful pond. Screen can be made of timber or plants. 
  • What ever system you want to buy please inform the dealer on your pool size. 
  • Water source is also important as you might use well water from peaty area and the filter might have problem treating it. In this case you have to modify the ph of your water first as water from peat area are usually acidic. Add powdered lime (kapur pertanian) and use PH meter to check PH level, too much lime than your water will be too alkaline. 
  • If you have tree/trees with small leaves beside your pool, you have to find ways to deal with it , or else it might choked you pump and your filter.  

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Bio/ Eclogy filter Pond Construction/ Pembinaan Kolam Penapis Bio/ Ekologi

We had received comments in our ‘Options on treating and maintaining fish pond' blog regarding the construction of bio/ecology filter pond. I hope the following drawings and explanations will make it easier to be understood. Please regard this blog as an extension to the above mentioned blog. 


  • Second floor is constructed after all the internal wall and floor of the pool has been applied with 2 coats of water proofing. 
  • Lantai kedua dibina selepas semua dinding dan lantai kolam di'water proof' sebanyak dua lapis. 


You can choose from many materials available in the market. Below is an example of a material can be used, cut it into square or rectangular panels and joint it with cable tie. Banyak bahan yang anda boleh pakai untuk buat sangkar pam, salah satu ialah kepingan penapis plastik kasar seperti gambar di bawah, potongkan jadi kepingan empat segi dan cantumkan guna 'cable tie'. 

Close up view of plastic fiber filter sheet

Many DIY pond owner had made fatal mistake by fixing pipes of the wrong size for their fish/landscape pond. Some people provides same size of pipe ; for the pump and for gravity flow from main pond back to filter pond/chamber. Please remember that for 32mm powered pipe it takes at least 100mm pipe on gravity flow to channel the water back to the filter pond. Ada juga tuan rumah DIY yang telah pasang saiz paip yang salah. Sekiranya paip dari pam saiznya 32mm, paip untuk untuk air mengalir dengan kaedah gravity balik ke kolam penapis sekurang kurangnya 100mm. 

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Bagaimana Cara Mengenal Spesis Pokok?

Begitulah bunyi soalan yang saya biasa dapat dari kawan kawan. Jawapan  nya ialah kita kena belajar dengan buku atau pun internet dan bertanya kepada orang yang tahu selain dari melihat sendiri secara fizikal (bentuk dan rupa daun, batang dan sebagainya) terhadap pokok pokok yang diminati.

Nama biasa atau nama tempatan tidak berapa tepat, mengelirukan dan pada kebiasaannya satu nama merakumi banyak jenis pokok manakala nama sains pula adalah tepat kepada spesi yang dinamakan dan semua orang didunia mengunakan nama yang sama. Nama biasa juga berubah mengikut loghat tempatan  dan nama pula berbeza mengikut tempat. Macamana pun nama tempatan juga penting oleh kerana nama tempatan digunakan apabila mencari pokok pokok dikampong kampong, Boleh mendapat matlumat yang lebih mendalam. Memang kita mendapat matlumat dari internet hanya dengan menaip nama tempatan tetapi dengan menaip nama sains kita boleh mendapat matlumat dari setiap perusuk dunia.

Scientific names comprise of two names (Binomials)

Latin adjective or epithet (specific name)specifically describe  the plants and the following criteria are use:-

Named after  the native country or location where the plant was  first found
Livistona chinensis: Chinensis means China
Ravenala madagascariensis; Madagscariensis means Madagascar.
Mangifera indica; indica means India
Among the well known plants that are only found  at certain location in Malaysia are Serdang Endau, Livistona Endauensis (found only at Taman Negara Endau Rompin, Johor) ;Palas Bintulu , Licuala bintuluensis (found only at Bintulu Sarawak): Daun Payung Perak - Johannesteijsmannia perakensis ( Found at Hilly area near Ipoh about few hudred meters from a housing  estate. I had visited  all the above 3 sites and quite worried about the one near Ipoh  as 4WD vehicle  tracks can be seen entering the area and there are sign that some plants has been dug out.

Named after the person who found the plant
Acriopsis ridleyi, Lecanortchis ridleyana or Dendrobium ridleyanum are all  named after H.N Ridley. British Botanist that introduce Rubber to Malaysia

Named according to the character of the plant 
Such as creeping, climbing, conical, shape and colour of leaves or flowers, sizes of the plants etc

When you study the scientific name  or Botanical name of  plants an d you know a bit of Latin, you will realised that the given name  has actually already describe and narrow down to specific plants and the following are few examples:-
Pisonia alba: Alba in Latin means white, and in this case referring to foliage colour, the colour to other plants can be referring tocolour of the flower or other components of the plants.
Asplenium nidus: Nidus referrind to the shape of the plant that look like a nest.
The following are some meaning translation from the given Latin name that can describe the whole plants, the leaves, flowers, bark etc:

Rubra - Red
Purpurata/ purpurea - Purple
Gigantea - large or big size
Elatior - Taller
Fragrans - Pleasant smell
Foetida - stinking smell
Grandiflora - Bearing large leaves
Aurea - golden

Botanical Name to Common or Vernacular Name/ Nama Saintifik kepada Nama Am atau Nama Tempatan

List of Tropical Plant's Scientific Names to Common or Vernacular .
Senarai nama sains(Saintifik) kepada nama biasa atau nama tempatan pokok:-

Botanical Name (Scientific Name) ----- Common or vernacular name
Nama sains (Nama Saintifik) --------- Nama biasa atau nama tempatan


Abelmoschus esculentus ---Bendi Abelmoschus ,Kacang Tanduk kambing, Lady's Finger
Abroma augusta -- Rami Sengat
Abroma pulchellus ---- Akar Kacang Inai
Abrus precatorius --- Akar Saga (Indian Liquorice)
Abutilon indicum --- Bunga Kisar, India Mallow
Acacia auriculaeformis --- Akasia Kuning, Earleaf Acasia , Wattle
Acacia catechu/Uncaria gambir -- Gambir (Pokok)
Acacia farnesiana -- Lasana (pokok)
Acacia leucophloea -- Pilang (Pokok)
Acacia mangium --- Akasia Daun Besar, Mangium, Black wattle
Acalypha hispida -- Ekur Kucing (Pokok renek) , Red  Hot Cat's Tail
Acalypha indica -- Kucing Galak
Acalypha reptans -- Red Cat's Tail
Acalypha siamensis  -- Teh Pagar, Teh Hutan
Acanthus ilicifolius – Jeruju, Sea Holly
Achasma megalocheilos --- Bunga Calong Merah, Bunga Calong
Achranthes aspera --- Ara Songsang
Acorus calamus -- Jerangau
Acronychia porteri -- Ketiak, Kabok , Melaman
Acronychia lauriflora -- Rejang, Limau Hutan, Babi Kurus
Acriopsis javanica -- Sakat Bawang, Sakat Rawang
Acrostichum  aureum -- Paku Laut, Coarse Swamp Fern, Piai Raya
Acrostichum speciosum -- Piai Lasa
Acrotrema costatum -- Meroyan punai tanah
Actinodaphne maigayi -- Medang Tanduk
Actinodaphne sesquipedalis -- Medang Payung
Actinorhytis calapparia -- Pinang Sendawa, Pinang Hantu. Calappa Palm
Adathoda vasica-nees --- Kacang Malabar
Adenanthera pavonina  -- Saga, Red Bead Tree
Adenium spp. -- Desert Rose
Adiantum lunulatum -- Paku Sisek, Paku Mega
Adiantum tenerum -- Black Stick Maidenhair, Paku Kelor
Adinandra dumosa -- Medang Api- api, Medang Tiup-tiup
Adina polycepphala -- Berombong, Merombong, Berubong, Kayu Kunyit, Nangi Kuning
Aechmea fasciata -- Silver Vase
Aegiceras corniculatum -- Teruntum
Aechmea chantinii --- Amazonian Zebra Plant
Agaris campestris -- California Fungi
Agathis alba./ Agathis borneensis -- Damar minyak, Malayan Kauri
Agave angustifolia ---- Agave
Agave attenuate -- Dragon tree Agave, Tree Agave
Ageratum conyzoides -- Rumput Tahi Ayam
Aglaia argentea -- Pokok Madu
Aglaia odorata --- Chulan, Mock Lemon
Aglaia odoratissima -- Pokok Telur Bekangkas Hutan
Aglaia cordata --- Medang berbulu
Aglaia spp. -- Sekiat
Agloanema commutatum -- Painted Drop-tongue
Aglaonema costatum -- Chinese Evergreen
Alchornea rugosa ---Akar Serimbong, julung Jantan
Aleurites moluccana -- Buah Keras, Candlenut Tree
Allamanda blanchetii -- Purple Alamanda
Allamanda cathartica -- Golden Trumpet
Allamanda cathartica 'Alba' -- White Trumpet
Allamanda oenothetraefolia -- Bush Alamanda
Allium cepa --Bawang Merah, Bawang kecil
Allium odorum -- Kucai
Allium sativum --- Bawang Putih
Allogoptera arenaria -- Sand Palm
Allogoptera campestris -- Seashore Palm
Alocasia denudata -- Keladi Candik
Alocasia macrorrhizos -- Keladi Sebaring
Alocasia macrorrhiza -- Birah, Senteh (Elephant Ear's)
Aloe vera -- Lidah Buaya
Alpinia -- Tepus
Alpinia javanica -- Tepus Putih
Alpinia conchigera -- Langkuas Ranting
Alpinia galanga -- Langkuas
Alpinia javanica – Lengkuang
Alpinia purpurata   --  Red Ginger, Tepus Merah
Alpinia purpurata 'Jungle Queen' -- Tepus Merah Jambu
Alpinia spp. -- Tepus Huma
Alpinia zerumbet 'Variegata' -- Tepus Batik
Alternanthera paranychoides -- Inai Merah (Ground Cover/Penutup Bumi)
Alternanthera sessilis -- Keramak
Alstonia acholaris -- Pulai, Rejang
Alstonia augustifolia -- Pulai
Alstonia macrophylla -- Pulai Bukit
Alyxia stellata -- Pulosari
Amaranthus blitum -- Bayam Itek
Amaranthus spinosus ---Bayam Duri
Amaranthus tricolor --- Bayam Merah/Hijau
Amaranthus viridis, Alternanthera sessilis --- Bayam Pasir
Amherstia nobilis -- Pride of Burma
Amomum compactum Syn. Amomum kepulanga,Pelaga
Amorphophallus campanulatus -- Ubi Sarek
Ananas comosus -- Nenas
Ananas bracteatus var. striatus -- Nenas Merah
Anarcardium occidentale -- Gajus, Ketereh, Janggus, Cashew Nut
Andrographis paniculata -- Hempedu Bumi, Sambiloto
 Angelonia salicariaefolia  --  Tail Flower
Angiopteris evecta -- Paku Gajah Daun Keras, Paku Raksasa
Annona cherimola -- Custard Apple , Cherimoya, Buah Nona
Annona muricata -- Durian Belanda, Sour Sop
Annona reticulata L. --- Nona Kapri
Annona squamosa L. --- Nona Sri Kaya, Sugar Apple, Sweet Sop, Sri Kaya
Anthocephalus cadamba -- Kelempayan
Antidesma bunius (L) Spreng. -- Buni
Antidesma ghoesembilla -- Gucil, Goncaq, Goncar
Antigonon leptopus -- Chain of Loven, Pokok Bunga Bertih
Anthocephalus cadamba -- Bur Flower Tree
Anthurium andraeanum --- Anthurium
Antiaris toxicaria -- Ipoh
Antidesma bunius --- Berunai, Chinese Laurel
Aphanamixis polystachya -- Pasak Lingga
Aphelandra sinclairiana -- Coral Aphelandra , Orange Shrimp
Apium graveolens – Celery , Salderi, Daun Sup
Aporusa spp. -- Galang Galang Penatan
Aquilaria beccariana --- Gaharu Tanduk
Aquilaria hirta -- Candan berbulu
Aquilaria malaccensis -- Depu Kapas
Aquilaria microcarpa -- Garu (Gaharu)
Archidendron lucyi -- Scarlet Bean
Arachis hypogaeaa -- Kacang Tanah, Ground Nut
Arachis pintoi -- Kacang pinto , Yellow Peanut Plant
Araucaria bidwillii ---- Bunya bunya Pine
Araucaria columnaris --- Caledonia Pine
Araucaria excelsa --- Araukaria, Norfolk Pine
Archidendron jiringa -- Jering
Archidendron lucidum -- Chinese Apea Earring
Archidendron microcarpum -- Kerdas
Archontophoenix alexandrae --- Alexander Palm
Ardisia crenata, Ardisis elliptica -- Mata Pelanduk
Areca catechu --- Betel Nut Palm, Pinang,Pinang makan, Pinang Sireh
Areca catechu var. Alba -- White Betel Nut Palm
Areca catechu ‘Dwarf’ --- Dwarf Betel Nut Palm
Arenga hookeriana -- Hooker’s Fish Tail Palm
Arenga pinnata -- Kabong , Aren, Sugar Palm
Arenga saccharifera -- Enau
Arenga westerhoutii -- Pinang Langkab, Rangkap
Arfeuillea arborescens -- Hop Treea
Arthrophyllum diversifolium -- Tumbuh Kelapa
Argle marmelos -- Bilak
Argyreia nervosa --- Elephant Climber
Aristolochia labiata -- Rooster Flower
Aristolochia gigantea -- Pelican flower
Aristolochia littoralis --- Calico Flowers
Artemisia vulgaris --- Baru Cina, Rumput Roman
Artocarpus altilis Forst. – Sukun, Breadfruit
Artocarpus champeden -- Cempedak Baroh
Artocarpus dadah -- Cempedak Air, Tampang
Artocarpus elasticus – Terap
Artocarpus fulvicortex -- Tampang jingga
Artocarpus gomeziana -- Tampang Burung
Artocarpus heterophyllus --- Nangka, Jack fruit
Artocarpus interger --- Cempedak
Artocarpus kemando -- Pudau
Artocarpus lakoocha -- Keledang
Artocarpus lanceifolia or A. denisoniana -- Nangka pipit
Artocarpus lanceifolia -- Keledang
Artocarpus lowii -- Miku
Artocarpus odoratpssima Blanco -- Marang
Artocarpus polyphema – Bangkong
Artocarpus rigidus -- Tempunik
Arundina graminiflora --- Bamboo Orchid
Asplenium nidus --- Bird's Nest Fern Paku Langsuyar, Bird' Nest Fern
Asterogyne martiana -- Polaris Palm
Astonia spathulata -- Pulai Paya
Aspragus officinalis --- Asparagus
Asystasia gangetica --- Akar Ruas-ruas, Rumput Israel
Averrhoa bilimbi L. --- Belimbing Buluh/ Besi
Averrhoa carambola -- Belimbing
Avicennia alba --- Api-api Putih
Avicennia marina --- Api api Jambu
Avicennia officinalis --- Api api ludat
Avicennia rumphiana --- Api api bulu
Axonopus Compressus -- Rumput Lembu
Azardirachta excelsa Syn. Melia excels -- Sentang


Baccaurea bracteata -- Tampoi Paya
Baccaurea brevipes -- Rambai Burung
Baccaurea griffithi -- Larah
Baccaurea lanceolata -- Rambia Hutan
Baccaurea motleyana Muell.-Agr. – Rambai
Baccaurea parviflora  -- Setambun
Baccaurea polyneaura --- Jentik-jentik Merah
Baccaurea pyriformis -- Tampoi Burung
Baccaurea racemosa -- Tampoi
Baccaurea ramiflora -- Pupor
Baccaurea reticulate -- Tampoi Kecil, Tampoi Taban
Baccaurea scortechinii -- Rambai Tikus
Backhousia citriodora --- Serai Pedas, Lemon Myrtle
Bactris guineensis --- Guinea Bactris, Tobago Cane, Prickly Pole
Baeckia frutescens --- Cucur Atap
Bambusa blumea -- Buluh Duri
Bambusa heterostachya --- Buluh Galah
Bambusa magica --- Buluh Perindu
Bambusa multiplex --- Buluh Pagar/ Buluh Peleting
Bambusa pauciflora -- Buluh Padi (Small Malaysian Highland Bamboo)
Bambusa ventricosa -- Buluh Botol, Buddha's Belly Bamboo
Bambusa vulgaris -- Buluh Minyak, Buluh Aur
Bambusa vulgaris c.v vittata --- Buluh Gading
Baphia nitida --- Barwood
Barringtonia asiatica -- Putat Laut
Barringtonia acutangula -- Putat Nasi
Barringtonia racemosa -- Putat Kampung, Putat Ayam
Basella alba --Ceylon Spinach , Remayong
Bauhinia alba -- Tapak Kuda Putih , Tapak Kuda Hutan
Bauhinia bidentata -- Katup katup, letup letup, Kait kait Rimba
Bauhinia blakeana  --Tapak Kuda, Orchid Tree
Bauhinia cocciana  --Tapak Kuda Jalar, Red Trailing Bauhinia
Bauhinia kockiana  --Tapak Kuda Jalar, Red Trailing Bauhinia
Bauhinia galpinii -- Tapak Kuda Merah
Bauhinia tomentosa -- Tapak Kuda Kuning
Beaumontia murtoni -- Nepal Trumpet Vine
Beccariophoenix madagascariensis -- Giant Windowpane Palm
Benincasa hispida – Kundur, Wax Gourd
Bentinckia nicobarica --- Bentinck Palm
Bertholettia excelsa -- Brazilnut
Bidens pilosa -- Kancing Baju
Bignonia magnifica   -- Trumpet Creeper, Glow Vine
Bismarkia nobilis -- Bismarck Palm
Bismarkia nobilis ‘Silver -- Silver Bismarck Palm
Bixa orellana -- Kesumba. Annato
Blechnum gibbum  -- Silver Lady Fern
Blechnum orientale -- Paku ikan, Paku Ular
Blumea balsamifera -- Sembung
Boesenbergia rotunda -- Temu Kunci
Bombax valetonii -- Kekabu Hutan
Borrasodendron machadonis ----- Borrasodendron , Pokok Cangkai
Borassus flabellifera -- Lontar, Tar, Palmyra palm
Bouea macrophylla Griff. – Kundang ,  Remia
Bougainvillea spp. ---- Bunga Kertas
Brachiaria decumbens -- Rumput Signal
Brachiaria humidicola --  Rumput Humidicola
Brachiaria mutica -- Rumput Para
Brahea edulis -- Guadaloupe Palm
Brassica chinensis -- Kobis Cina , Lobak (Choy Sum)
Brassica oleracea -- Kobis
Breynia discigera --- Katut, Selayar, Saga monyet
Breyna racemosa --- Bela Putih
Brownea grandiceps  -- Rose Of Venezuela
Brucea javanica --- Melada Pahit
Brunfelsia americana -- Lady Of The Night
Brunfelsia calycina -- Yesterday-Today-&-Tomorrow
Buchanania arborescens -- Otak Udang
Bucida buceras -- Geometry Tree
Bucida molineti -- Dwarf Geometry Tree
Burguiera cylindrical --- Berus
Burguiera gymnorrhiza --- Bakau Tumu
Burguiera racemosa -- Teruntum Putih
Burguiera parviflora -- Lenggadai
Butea monosperma -- Gum tree
Butia capitata -- Jelly Palm, Pindo Palm, Wine Palm


Caesalpinia bonduc -- Gorek, grey Nicker
Caesalpinia pulcherrima -- Peacock Flower
Caesalpinia sappan. – Sepang
Cajanus cajan -- Kacang Dal, Kacang Kayu
Calamus caesus -- Rotan Sega
Calamus erinaceus -- Rotan Bakau
Calamus manan -- Rotan Manau
Calamus ornatus -- Rotan Dok
Calamus scipionum -- Rotan Semambu
Calathea ecuadoriana -- Red Zebrina
Calathea insignis -- Rattle snake Plant
Calathea looseneri --- Calathea looseneri
Calathea lutea -- Pampano (Calathea cokelat)
Calathea makoyana -- Peacock Plant
Calathea musaica -- Calathea musaica
Calathea ornata -- Pin Stripe Plant
Calathea picturata ----Calathea picturata
Calathea Zebrina -- Zebra Plant
Calliandra emarginata -- Powderpuff Plant
Callisia fragrans --- Basket Plant
Callistemon citrinus -- Lemon Scented Bottlebrush, Crimson Bottlebrush
Callistemon spp. --- Bottle-brush Tree
Callistemon viminalis -- Weeping Bottlebrush
Calophyllym inophyllum -- Penaga Laut
Calophyllym macrocarpum --- Bintagur Bunut
Calophyllym pulcherinum --- Bintagur Bukit/ Batu
Calotropis gigantea -- Lembiaga
Calyptronoma occidentalis -- Long Tharch, Manac Palm
Camellia sinensis -- Pokok Teh, Tea
Campsis grandiflora --- Chinese Trumpet Vine
Carmona retusa -- Segar Guri
Canagium odoratum -- Kenanga
Canarium commune -- Kenari
Canavalia gladiata --- Kacang Parang
Canavalia maritima -- Kacang Laut
Canna spp   --Tasbih
Cannabis sativa -- Ganja , Kanabis
Canna spp --- Bunga Tarbus
Capparis micracantha -- Melada
Capsicum annuum -- Cabai, Cili, Lada Merah/Hijau. Chilly
Capsicum frutescens --- Cabai Burung, Cili Burung, Lada Burung, Cili Padi
Carallia brachiata -- Meransi
Cardiospermum halicacabum --- Balloom Vine, Peria Bulan
Carica papaya --- Papaya, Betik
Carissa carandas ---- Asam Kerenda
Carissa congesta Wight. – Kerandang
Carmona retusa -- Tsaang- Gubat
Carpentaria acuminata --- Carpentaria Palm
Caryota mitis -- Rabok, TukasDudar
Caryota no, Caryota rumphiana var. Borneensis -- Giant Fish Tail Palm
Caryota Zebrina -- Striped fish Tail, Zebra Fish Tail Palm, Palem Tokek
Cassia alata – Gelenggang
Cassia angustifolia -- Senna Mekah, Senamaki
Cassia coluteides Syn. Senna coluteides -- Christmas Cassia
Cassia fistulla -- Indian Laburnum, Raja Kayu
Cassia grandis -- Horse Cassia, Kote mamak
Cassia javanica 'Pink' -- White shower tree
Cassia mimosoides -- Mimosa-leaved Cassia
Cassia nodosa -- Busuk busuk, Pink Cassia
Cassia siamea -- Johar, Kassod Tree
Cassia tora , Senna tora --- Gelenggang Kecil
Castanopsis inermis Benth.& Hook.f. --- Berangan
Castanopsis malaccensis -- Berangan gajah
Castanopsis megacarpa --- Berangan Bukit
Castanopsis wallichii --- Berangan duri
Casuarina equisetifolia –Ru, Commom Ru
Casuarina nobilis --- Borneo Ru, Cemara
Casuarina rumphiana  -- Weeping Ru
Casuarina sumatrana -- Ru Sumatra, Sumatran Ru
Catharanthus roseus -- Kemunting Cina
Cecropia peltata -- Trumpet tree
Ceiba pentandra -- Kekabu, Kapuk, Cotton Tree, White Silk- Cotton Tree
Celosia argentea --- Bayam Ekor Kucing
Centella asitica – Pegaga
Cerbera manghas -- Pong-pong, Buta-buta
Ceriops tagal -- Tegar
Cestrum nocturnum – Santalia
Chamaedorea cataractarum -- Cascade Palm
Chambeyronia macrocarpa --- Blushing Palm, Red Leaf Palm
Champereia manillana --- Cemperai
Chonemorpha penangensis -- Penang Rubber Vine
Chorchorus olitorius -- Jelita
Chromolaena odorata -- Kapal Terbang
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens -- Palma Kuning, Yellow Cane Palm
Chrysophyllum cainito --- Cainito, Star Apple, Kameto, Star Apple
Chrysothemis pulchella -- Sunset Bell
Cinnamomum camphora -- Japanese Camphor Tree
Cinnamomum cuspidatum -- Rempah Gunung
Cinnamomum iners -- Kayu Manis Hutan
Cinnamomum parthenoxylon --- Medang Serai
Cinnamomum sintok – Sintuk
Cinnamomum verum -- Cinnamon , Kayu Manis, Medang Kemangi
Cissus nodosa -- Pirandai, Javanese Treebine, Thousand Roots
Cissus quadrangularis -- Patah Tulang, Cika Tulang
Citharexylum spinosum --- Bunga Mayang Sari
Citrullus lunatus – Tembikai
Citrus aurantifolia -- Limau Nipis
Citrus garandis -- Limau Tanbun, Limau Bali
Citrus hystrix -- Kafir lime, Limau purut, Leech Lime
Citrus limon -- Lemon
Citrus medica -- Limau Kerat Lintang
Citrus microcarpa -- Limau Kasturi
Citrus reticulata -- Limau Cembul
Citrus sinensis -- Limau Cula
Citrus swinglei -- Limau Pagar
Chamaedorea metallica -- Metallic Palm
Claoxylon longifolium -- Salang, Sanglong
Clausena lansium – Wampi
Cleome gynandra --- Bastard Mustard, Maman
Clerodendrum laevifolium -- Swaddling Flower
Clerodendrum serratum   --Timba Tasik, Lampin Budak
Clerodendrum thomsoniae -- Bleeding Heart Vine
Clerodendron fragrans --- -- Melur Jawa
Clerodendron paniculatum – Sepangil
Clerodendron philippinum -- Melur Jawa
Clidemia hirta -- Senduduk Paksa
Clinacanthus nutans --- Belalai Gajah
Clitoria termatea -- Blue Pea Vine
Clitoria ternatea -- Kacang Telang
Clorophytum amaniense 'fire Flash' -- Clorophytum
Coccinia grandis -- Ivy Gourd, Pepasan, Timun Tikus
Coccoloba uvifera -- Sea Grape, Jamaican Kino
Coccothrinax crinita -- Mat Palm, Old Man Palm
Cochlospermumreligiosum -- Buttercup tree, Yellow Cotton Tree
Cocos nuciefera --- Coconut, Kelapa
Codiaeum variegatum -- Puding
Coffea liberica -- Kopi
Cola nitida, Cola vera -- Cola , Kola, Gurru nuts, Bissi nuts
Columbrina asiatica -- Peria Pantai
Combretum fruticosum -- Burning Bush
Commelina benghalensis -- Rumput Mahyam
Commelina nudiflora -- Rumput Aur
Commersonia bartramnnia --- Angkut-angkut, Pokok angkut angkut (Mason- Bee Tree)
Commersonia planchonianus --- Bunga Meroyan
Congea tormentosa -- Congea
Coix lachryma-jobi --- Jelai
Colocasia gigantea -- Lambuk, Kemumu
Connarus ferrugeineus ---- Akar Merah
Connarus gibbosus ----Akar Nyamuk, Akar Tulang Daeng
Connarus gradis --- Akar Nyamuk jantan, Akar Tulang Daeng Padang
Connaropsis monophylla --- Belimbing Burung
Connarus semidecandrus ---- Akar Kuayahaa
Copernicia alba --- Caranday Palm, Caranda
Corchorus capsulari --- Kacing Baju
Cordyline terminalis --- Andong (Ti Plant), Jenjuang
Coriandrum sativum --- Coriander, Chinese parsely, Ketumbar
Corypha umbraculifera -- Talipot Palm, Telipot
Coscinium blumeanum – Mengkunyit
Cosmos caudatus -- Ulam Raja
Costus speciosus -- White costus, Setawar
Cratoxylon arborescens --- Geronggong, Geronggang
Cratoxylum cochinchinense -- Kemutong, Kayu Arang
Cratoxylon formosum --- Mempat
Crinum asiaticum --- Bakong
Croton argyratum -- Hamba Raja
Cryptocoryne ciliata -- Keladi Laut
Cryptostegia grandiflora -- Indian Rubber Vine
Cucumis sativus --- Cucumber, Timun, , Timun betik
Cucurbita moschata -- Labu Merah,Labu Tukai
Cucurligo latifolia -- Lemba
Curcuma aeruginosa -- Temu Hitam
Curcuma caesia -- Kunyit Hitam
Curcuma domestica, C. longa -- Kunyit, Turmeric
Curcuma mangga -- Temu Pauh
Curcma xanthorrhiza -- Temu lawak, Temu Lawas, Temu Raya
Curcuma zedoeria -- Temu Putih
Cyathea spp -- Paku Gajah Daun Lembut
Cycas pectinata -- Nepal Cycas
Cycas revoluta -- Japanese Cycas, Bogak
Cycas rumphii -- Bogak , Malayan Fern Palm, Paku Gajah Laut
Cyclea barbata -- Cincau
Cymbopogon citrates -- Lemon Grass, Serai Makan
Cymbopogon nardus -- Serai Wangi
Cynometra cauliflora --- Nam-Nam
Cynometra malaccensis -- Kekatong
Cynometra polyandra --- , Katung-katung , Mempetai
Cynometra ramiflora --- Cynometra, Kakatung Bukit, Kakatung Laut
Cynodon dactylon -- Rumput Bermuda
Cynodon plectostachys -- Rumput Star
Cyperus digitatus -- Rumput Musang
Cyperus dulcis -- Rumput Ubi Puron, Ubi Puron
Cyperus halpan -- Rumput Sumbu, Bilis Jantan, Para Air
Cyperus compactus -- Para-para (Swamp Mariscus)
Cyrtosperma lasioides -- Geli-geli Hitam
Cyrtostachys renda -- Pinang Merah, Red Palm


Daemonorops didymophylla -- Rotan
Datura metel -- Kecubung
Davallia denticulata -- Rabbit's foot Fern
Delonix regia -- Flame of The Forest, Semarak Api
Dendrocalamus asper -- Buluh Betung
Dendrolobium umbellatum -- Serangan, Petai Laut, Lemak Ketam
Dendrobium crumenatum --- Anggerik Merpati (Pigeon Orchid)
Dendrocalamus pendulus --- Buluh Akar
Dendrocalamus strictus -- Buluh Batu
Derris eliptica --- Akar Tuba
Derris heterophylla ----Akar Ketuil
Derris uliginosa -- Setui
Desmos chinensis --- Akar Pisang, Bunga Pisang-pisang
Diallum indum – Keranji
Dicranopteris linearis – Resam
Dictyosperma album -- Hurricane Palm, Princess Palm
Didymocarpus atrosanguinea --- Orchid Tainia
Didymocarpus platypus -- Julung Rimba
Digitaria fuscescens -- Rumput Tembagan
Dillenia excelsa -- Simpoh Unggu
Dillenia ovata -- Simpoh Beludu, Simpoh Kedah
Dillenia suffruticosa -- Simpoh Air
Dimocarpus longana -- Mata Kucing
Dioscorea alata -- Ubi Badak
Diospyros discolor --- Butterfruit, Buah Mentega
Dioscorea esculenta -- Ubi Torak
Dioscorea hispida -- Ubi Gadung
Diospyros malabrica -- Komoi
Dioscorea opposite -- Ubi Cina
Dioscorea pyrifolia ---- Akar Kemenyan Paya
Diospyros argentea --- Bedil lalat
Dioscorea orbiculata -- Ubi Takob, Ubi Akob
Dioscorea pentaphylla -- Ubi Pasir
Diospyros pilosanthera -- Kayu Arang
Dioscorea piscatorum -- Ubi Tuba
Dioscorea prainiana -- Ubi Kelona
Dioscorea sansibarensis -- Ubi Kentang Angin (Air Potato), Zanzibar Yam
Diplazium esculentum --Pucuk Paku, Paku Sungai, Paku sayur
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus -- Keruing Belimbing
Dissotis rotundifolia -- Spanish Shawl
Dolichandrone spathacea -- Tui
Donax grandis ----Bemban
Doviyalis hebecarpa --- Ceylon Gooseberry
Draceana deremensis 'Warneckii' -- Striped Draceana
Draceana fragrans  -- Draceana Wangi
Draceana fragrans ‘Massageana’' -- Cornstalk Plant
Dracaena goldieana -- Queen of Draceana
Draceana marginata      Draceana marginata -- Madagascar Dragon Tree
Draceana reflexa -- Song Of India
Draceana sanderiana  --Ribbon  Plant
Draceana surculosa 'Gold Dust'-- Gold Dust Draceana
Dracontomelum mangiferum -- Senkuang (Pokok/Tree)
Drynaria quercifolia - OaK Leaf Fern
Dryobalanops aromatica --- Borneo Camphor Tree, Kapur barus
Dryobalanops oblongifolia --- Keladan
Duabanga sonnerationdes --- Beremban Bukit
Duchesnia indica -- Mock Strawberry
Durio malaccensis --- Durian Batang, Durian Api, Sahun, Durian hutan
Duranta erecta -- Duranta, Forget-Me-Not, Golden Dew Drop, Pigeon Berry
Duranta 'Gold' --Duranta Kuning, Duranta Gold
Duranta 'Variegated dwarf' --- Duranta Batik
Durio excelsa -- Durian Apon
Durio grandiflorus -- Durian Sukang
Durio graveolens -- Durian Tuwala
Durio kutejensis -- Durian Lai
Durio lowianus -- Durian Daun, Durian Teruntung
Durio malaccensis --- Durian Batang
Durio oxleyanus --- Durian Burung, Durian Beludu
Durio testudinarum -- Durian Sekura
Durio zibethinus -- Durian
Dyera costulata foetidum – Jelutong
Dypsis leptocheilos -- Redneck Palm
Dypsis lutescens. --- Yellow Cane Palm, Pinang Kuning
Dypsis madagascariensis -- Farahazo Palm
Dypsis pinnatifrons --- Ambolo Palm
Dysoxylon angustifolium --- Kamanju
Dysoxylon cauliflorum --- Balun Hijau
Dyssodia tenuiloba -- Dahlberg Daisy


Echinodorus palaefolius -- Mexican Sword-Plant (Water plant)
Eclipta alba -- Urang aring, Keremak jantan
Eichhornia crassipes Keladi Bunting,  Water Hyacinth
Ehretia laevis – Tebengan
Elaeocarpus nitidus -- Jiremong (Walnut oil Fruit)
Elaeis guineensis -- Kelapa Sawit , Oil Palm
Elactriospermum spp.-- Piah
Elatriospermum tapos -- Perah, Buah Perah
Eleocarpus jackianus --- Medang Manik Sanga
Eleocharis ochrostachys -- Rumput Puron
Eleiodoxa conferta -- Kelubi, Asam Paya
Elephantopus mollis  -- Tutup Bumi
Elephantopus scaber -- Tapak Sulaiman (Leman)
Elettariopsis curtisii -- Tepus Kesin
 Ellatariopsis smithiae  -  Serai Aceh
Emilia sonchifolia -- Ketumbit Jantan, Ketumbak Merah, Patah Kemudi
Enhalus acoroides -- Jerangau Laut
Enydra fluctuans -- Cengkeru, Kangkung Kerbau
Epiphyllum anguliger --- Bakawali
Epipremnum aureum -- Devil's Ivy, Money Plant
Epipremnun pinnatum --- Dragon-tail Plant
Episcia spp. --- Episcia
Episcia cupreata -- Flame Violet
Episcia cupreata'Frosty' -- Silver Leaf Flame Violet
Episcia 'Pink' -- Episcia Merah Jambu
Episcia 'Yellow -- Episcia Kuning
Eryngium foetidum  -- Stinking Shareweed
Pteris ensiformis -- Paku Pecut
Erechtites hieraciifolia -- Malayan Groundsel, Sawi Rusa, Sintrong
Eremochloa ophiuroides  -- Rumput Centipede
Eriocaulon sexangulare  -- Rumput Butang, Rumput Durian
Eryngium foetidum --Ketumbar Jawa, Jemuju, Culantro, Jeruju Gunung
Erythrina fusca --- Cangkering
Erythrina spp. -- Dedap
Etlingera elatior  -- Kantan , Torch Ginger
Eucalyptus degupta --- Kayu Minyak Putih
Eucharis grandiflora --- Amazon Lily, Eucharis lily
Euclinia longifolia --- Angels' Trumpet
Euodia malayana -- Kiandang, Tapak Itik, Tenggek Burung
Eugeissona tristis ---Bertam
Eugenia Aquea -- Water Apple, Jambu Air
Eugenia polyantha --   Serai Kayu, Salam
Eugenia spp.-- Bungkang
Eugenia uniflora -- Surinam Cherry, Red Brazil Cherry
Eugenia acuminatissimun -- Kelat Asam
Eugenia claviflora --Bangkoh, Kelat Merah
Eugenia densiflora -- Kelat Jambu
Eugenia grandis , Syzygium grande -- Jambu Laut, Kerian Batu,  Sea Apple
Eugenia grata -- Kelat Gelam
Eugenia lineatum -- Kelat Nasi
Eugenia malaccensis -- Malay Apple
Eugenia pendens -- Jambu Penawar Bukit
Eugenia punctulata -- Kelat Pasir
Eugenia scrotechinii -- Jambu Air Hutan
Eugenia uniflora -- Cermai Belanda
Eulophia graminea --- Eulophia
Euodia ridleyi -- Evodia
Euphorbia hirta --- Ara tanah
Euphorbia lactea -- Sesudu, Mottled Candle Stick tree
Euphorbia milii --- Crown of Thorn
Euphorbia pulcherrima cultivars -- Poinsettia, Pohon Merah
Eurocoma longifolia -- Tongkat Ali
Eusideroxylon zwageri / Eusideroxylon malaganga -- Belian (Pokok)
Euterpe edulis -- Juncara Palm, Palmito, Yayih
Euterpe oleracea ---- Achai Palm, Assai Palm
Evolvulus spp. --- Evolvulus
Excorcaria bicolor --- Bebuta, Buta- buta


Fatsia japonica -- Japanese Aralia
Feronia limonia -- Gelinggai
Ficus alba -- Kelempung Air
Ficus benjamina --- Ara Beringin, Beringin
Ficus carica --- Ara
Ficus elastica -- Bunoh Seteroh
Ficus deltoidea -- Emas Cotek
ficus hispida --- Ara Nasi
Ficus microcarpa -- Jejawi-
Ficus pumila --- Ara Jalar, Creeping Fig, Climbing Fig
Ficus religiosa --- Sacred Bodh Tree
Ficus variegata -- Kelepung
Filicium decipiens -- Kiara Payung
Fimbristylis aestivalis -- Rumput Serai Jantan
Fimbristylis asperrima -- Rumput Siamit
Fimbristylis dichotoma -- Rumput Puron Batu
Fimbristylis globulosa -- Rumput Sandang ( Globular Fimbristylis)
Fimbristylis miliacea -- Rumput Tahi Kerbau
Fimbristylis pauciflora -- Rumput Girah
Firmiana malayana --- Mata Lembu
Fissitigma latifolium -- Larak
Flacourtia indica Merr. -- Kerkup Kecil
Flacourtia jangomas (Lour.) Rausch. -- Kerkup
Flacourtia inermis Roxb. -- Rukam masam
Flacourtia rukam Zoll. & Mor. -- Rukam Manis
Flagellaria indica -- False Rattan, Rotan Salah, Rotan Dini, Rotan Kera, Rotan Tikus (Common Flagellaria)
Flemingia strobilifera -- Seringan
Fragrae acuminatissima ---Akar Tengkuk Biawak
Fragrae auriculata -- Pelir Musang
Fragraea crenulata -- Malabirah Cabbage Tree
Fuirena umbellata -- Rumput Kelulut
Furcraea gigantea 'Striata' -- Giant False Agave


Galphimia glauca -- Rain of Gold
Garcinia atroviridis Griff. --- Gelugur (Asam)
Garcinia bancana -- Tengkawang
Garcinia cataractalis --- Gelugur Batu
Garcinia costata -- Gelugur Hutan
Garcinia cowa -- Kandis, Cowa mangosteen
Garcinia dulcis Kurz. --Mundu
Garcinia forbessi -- Kandis Ros
Garcinia globulosa -- Kandis Hutan
Garcinia graffithii --- Kandis Gajah
Garcinia hombroniana -- Beruas
Garcinia mangostana -- Manggis, Mestor, Sementah, Mangosteen
Garcinia malaccensis -- Manggis burung
Garcinia merguensis --- Kandis burung
Garcinia nervosa -- Manggis beruang
Garcinia parvifolia -- Kundung
Garcinia prainiana -- Cerapu, Cekupu
Garcinia scortechinii -- Kandis Ketam
Gardenia carinata -- Cempaka Hutan/ Cempaka Kedah,   Randa
Gardenia jasminoides --- Cape Jasminem panuculatum, Bunga Cina
Gardenia latifolia --- Cempaka Wali
Gardenia tubefera -- Cempaka Tanjung
Gardenia vietnamensis -- Melur Vietnam
Gendarussa vulgaris -- Gandarusa
Gendarussa vulgaris 'Variegata' -- Gandarusa Batik
Geogenanthus undatus -- Seersucker Plant
Geophila repens --- Geophila
Gerbera jamesonii cultivars ---- African Daisy
Gigantochloa scortechinii --- Buku Semantan
Gigantochloa ligulata --- Buluh Tumpat
Gigantochloa thoii --Buluh Beting
Gigantochloa wrayi -- Buluh Beti/ Raga
Gliricidia sepium -- Mexican lilac (Peneduh Pokok Koko)
Globba aurantiaca -- Puar Gembur
Globba malaccensis -- Puar Udang
Globba panicoides -- Puar Birah
Globba pendula -- Puar 'Pendula'
Globba perakensis -- Menderong Gajah
Globba uliginosa -- Halia Kera (Halia Hutan, Puar )
Globba wallichii -- Meroyan Tinggal
Glochidion littorale -- Selunsur
Glochidion spp. -- Hujan Panas
Glycine max -- Kacang Soya, Soya Bean
Glytopetalum quadrangulare --- Cekur Manis Gajah
Gnetum brunonianum ---Degum Putih
Gnetum brunonianum -- Ekur Belangkas
Gnetum gnemon -- Belinjau, Melinjau
Gomphrena globosa -- Bunga Butang ungu ,Globe Amaranth
Goniothalamus umbrosus -- Kenerak
Grammatopphyllum speciosum -- Orkid Harimau, Tiger Orchid
Graptophyllum pictum -- Puding Hitam
Grevillea robusta -- Silky Oak
Guettarda speciosa -- Selar Makan
Gulubia costata -- Niuniu Palm
Gustavia gracillima -- Narrow Leaf Gustavia
Gynandropsis gynandra -- Maman ungu
Gynura aurantiaca -- Sambung Nyawa Ungu
Gynura divarcata --- Daun Dewa
Gynura sarmentosa -- Sambung Nyawa


Habranthus gracilifolius-- Habranthus
Haemanthus multiflorus -- Blood Lily,Fire Ball, Sore Eyes
Helminthostachys zeylanica -- Tunjuk Langit
Hevea brasiliensis -- Pokok Getah
Hedychium coronarium --- Gandasuli
Helianthus anuus --- Bunga Matahari,Sunflower
Helminthostachys zeylanica --Paku tunjuk Langit
Hamelia patens -- Fire Bush, Acarlet Bush
Hemigraphis alternata -- Red Ivy
Heritiera elata -- Mengkulang
Heritiera littoralis -- Dungun , Looking Glass Tree
Hibiscus albelmoschus -- Kapas Hantu
Hibiscus floccosus -- Kangsar , Orange Tree Hibiscus
Hibiscus mutabilis -- Chinese Rose
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis -- Bunga Raya (Red Hibiscus )
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Coopri' --- Bunga Raya Batik
Hibiscus sabdariffa --- Asam susur , Rosselle
Hibiscus schizopetalus -- Coral Hibiscus, Bunga Raya Karang
Hibiscus tiliaceus -- Baru-baru, Bebaru
Hippeastrum reticulatum -- Striped Leaved Amaryllis
Holmskioldia sanguinea -- Chinese- hat plant
Holmskioldia tettensis -- Parasol Flower
Homalomena rostrata -- Janggut baung
Homalomena pendula – Kemoyang
Homalamena wallichii -- SIlver Shield
Hopea nutans -- Giam
Hopea odorata -- Cengal Pasir, Merawan Siput Jantan
Hornstedtia scuphifera -- Tepus
Horsfieldia irya -- Lempoyan Paya
Hosea lobbii -- Hosea
Howea belmoreana --- Curly Palm, Sentry Palm, Kentia palm
Hydnophytum formicarium -- Kelapa Beruk, Sarang Semut
Hydrangea macrophylla -- Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Variegata' -- Hydrangea Batik
Hydrocotyles sibthorpioides -- Pegaga Embun, Ulam Gunung
Hygodium microphyllum -- Selada
Hymanaea courbaril – Locus,West Indian Locust Tree
Hymenocallis littoralis -- Spider Lily
Hymenocallis speciosa 'Variegata' -- Striped Spider Lily
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis -- Bottle Palm


Iguanura wallichiana -- Pinang Burung
Ilex cymosa   --Timah-timah
Illicium verum ---- Bunga Lawang
Impatiens platyphylla --- Borneo Balsam
Impatiens repens -- Golden Dragon, Creeping Impatiens
Imperata cylindrica -- Lalang
Intsia bijuga -- Merbau Ipil
Intsia palembanica – Merbau
Ipomoea batatas -- Sweet potato
Ipomoea aquatic, Ipomea reptans -- Kangkung
Ipomoea batatas -- Keledek, Ubi Jalar, Ubi keledek
Ipomoea cairica -- Railway Creeper
Ipomoea nil -- Morning glory
Ipomoea pes-caprae -- Beach Morning Glory , Goat's foot , Kangkung Pantai
Ixora congesta -- Malayan Ixora
Ixora javanica Pecah Periok, Siantan, Ixora
Ixora Species -- Ixora, Siantan, Pecah Periok
Ixora umbellata -- Malayan White Ixora


Jacaranda filicifolia -- Jambul Merak
Jackia ornata --- Aji Samad
Jacobiana carnea 'Alba' --- Brazilian Plume Flower
Jasminum grandiflorum --- Spanish Jasmine
 Jasminum multiflorum -- Star Jasmime
Jasminum sambac --- Arabian Jasmine , Sambac, Bunga Melur
Jatropha integerrima -- Jarak Ros , Rose Flowered Jatropha
Jatropha curcas -- Jarak pagar
Jatropha podagrica -- Jarak Bunga Merah, Gout stick, Guatamalan Rhubarb
Johannesteijsmannia altifrons --- Daun Payung, Diamond Joey
Johannesteijsmannia lanceolata -- Daun Payung Tirus
Johannesteijsmannia perakensis --- Daun Payung Perak
Juniperus chinensis ---Blue Juniper
Justicia gendarrusa -- Gandarusa, Justicia


Kaempferia galanga --- Cekur
Kalanchoe pinnata (pokok tutup bumi) -- Setawar
Kerriodoxa elegans -- Kerriodoxa Palm
Kleinhovia hospital – Temahau
Koompassia excelsa -- Tualang
Koompassia malaccensis -- Kempas
Kopsia flavida -- Penang Sloe
Kyllinga brevefolia --- Rumput Teki, Kancing Baju jantan, Rumput Serapat


Labisia pumila -- Kacip Fatimah
Lablab purpureus -- Kacang Sepat
Lactuca indica -- Sawi Rana
Lagenaria siceraria --- Bottle gourd, Labu Air
Lagerstromia indica -- Inai Merah, Bungor India , Crepe Myrtle
Lagerstromia speciosa   -- Rose of India, Bungur
Lansium domesticum -- Langsat
Lantana camara -- Bunga Tahi Ayam
Lasia spinosa -- Geli-geli
Latania loddigesii --- Blue Latan Palm
Latania lontaroides -- Red Latan Palm
Latania verschaffeltii -- Yellow Latan Palm
Laurentia longiflora -- Star of Bethlehem
Lawsonia inermis -- Inai, Henna, mignonette Tree
Leucophyllum frutescens -- Cenizo, Ashplant, Barometer Bush
Leea guineensis -- Red Tree Vine
Leea indica -- Common Tree Vine, Memali, Merbati padang
Lecythis ollaria -- Sapucaia nut
Lepidagathis longifolia --- Daun Segugur
Lepironia conifera -- Purun (Tube Sedge)
Leppisanthes rubiginosa -- Mertajam, Kelat Layu
Leptospermum flavescens -- Gelam Bukit
Leucas zeylanica --- Ketumbak
Leucaena leucocephala -- Petai jawa, Petai Belalang
Licuala acutifida -- Palas Padi
Licuala bintuluensis -- Palas Bintulu
Licuala cordata -- Palas Borneo
Licuala grandis --- Fan palm. Palas Kipas
Licuala kunstleri -- Palas Semang Kecil
Licuala mattanensis var. Tigrina -- Palas Tigrina
Licuala paludosa -- Palas Semang Besar
Licuala spinosa -- Palas
Licuala triphylla -- Palas Tikus
Lignosus rhinocerus -- Cendawan Susu Harimau
Limnocharis flava -- Jinjir (Keladi)
Litchi chinensis -- Laici
Litsea teysmanni -- Medang Kelor
Livistona australis --- Cabbage Tree Palm
Livistona chinensis -- Chinese Fan Palm, Serdang Cina
Livistonia Endauensis -- Serdang Endau
Livistona drudei -- Drudes Palm
Livistona rotundifolia. --- Serdang
Lodoicea maldivica -- Double Coconut, Coco-De-Mer
Lobelia cardinalis --- Cardinal Flower
Lonicera japonica -- Japanese Honeysuckle, Gold-and-Silver-Flower
Loranthus cochinchinensis -- Dedalu Api
Ludwigia adscendens   -- Tinggir Bangau, Inai Pasir (Floating Malayan Willow
Ludwigia octovalvis --Naleh, Lakum Air (hairy Malayan Willowherb)
Luffa aegytiacea -- Petola Bantal, Smooth Loofah
Lumnitzera littorea -- Teruntum Merah
Lycopodium spp. --- Paku Kawat (Fern)
Lycoris radiate -- Red Spider Lily
Lygodium flexuosum --   Ribu-ribu Climbing fern)


Maba buxifolia -- Pokok Kayu Hitam
Macaranga gigantea-- Telinga Gajah, Mahang Gajah, Giant Mahang
Macaranga hypoleuca -- Balik Angin
Macrozamia moorei -- Zamia Palm
Malpighia coccigera -- Miniature Holly, Singapore Holly
Malpighia glabra -- Ceri Barbados
Mandevilla spp. -- Mandevilla
Mangifera caesia --- Binjai
Mangifera foetida--- Bacang, Macang
Mangifera indica -- Mango, Mangga, Mempelam, Pauh
Mangifera langaenifera Griff. – Lanjut
Mangifera longipetiolata King. -- Sepam
Mangifera microphylla Griff.-- Rawa
Mangifera odorata Griff.-- Kuini
Mangifera pajang -- Buah Mawang (Mangga Gergasi)
Mangifera quadrifida --- Asam Kumbang
Manihot esculenta -- Ubi kayu, Tapioca
Manilkara kauki – Sauh
Manilkara zapota -- Ciku
Maranta arundinacea 'Variegata' --- Arrow Head
Maranta leuconeura var. Erythroneura -- Red veined Prayer Plant
Maranta leuconeura var. kerchoviana -- Prayer Plant
Maranthes corymbosa -- Merbatu
Marsdenia tinctoria --- Akar Tarum
Medinilla astroni0ides --- Medinilla (Akar Lokan Bunga Putih atau Merah Jambu)
Medinilla hasseltii -- Medinilla ( Lokan Jantan- Ephiphytic Shrub)
Medinilla magnjfica -- Medinilla (Akar Lokan - Bunga Merah Jambu)
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys -- -Brazilian Plume
Melaleuca alternifolia --- Gelam Wangi, Tea Tree
Melaleuca leucadendron -- Cajeput Gelam, Kayu Putih
Melastoma decemfidum --- Senduduk Putih
Melastoma lubricatum  --- Senduduk Putih
Melastoma malabatricum -- Senduduk
Melia azerderach -- Mindi kecil, Persian lilac
Melia Indica -- Mambu , Nim Tree, Neem
Melicope lunu ankenda -- Tenggek Burung
Mentha arvensis -- Pudina, Mint
Merope angulata -- Limau Lelang
Mesua ferrea -- Ironwood Tree, Penaga Lilin
Metroxylon rumphii – Rumbia , Sagu, Balau (Melanau)
Metroxylon salomonense -- Solomon Island Sago Palm
Metroxylon sagus. – Rumbia , Sagu, Balau (Melanau)
Michaelia alba -- Cempaka Putih
Michaelia chanpaka -- Cempaka Merah
Michelia figo, Magnolia figo --- Cempaka Keling, Banana Shrub
Michelia pumula/ Talauma pumula -- Cempaka Telur
Microglossa volubilis -- Ragin (Medicinal climber)
Micromelum pubescens --- Cemunar
Microsorum punctatum -- Fish- tail Fern
Milletia atropurpurea -- Jeneris
Mimosa pigra -- Kemang Gajah (Giant Mimosa)
Mimosa pudica -- Duri Kemang , Rumput Malu
Mimusops elengi   --- Tanjung
Mitragyna speciosa --- Ketum
Momordica charantia -- Bitter Gourd , Peria
Monochoria hastata -- Keladi Agas (Pondweed) , Lelembing
Monochoria vaginalis -- Kelayar
Monstera deliciosa --- Ceriman, Cheese Plant
Morinda citrifolia -- Mengkudu besar, Mengkudu
Morinda eliptica -- Mengkudu Kecil
Morinda umbellata -- Mengkudu Akar, M. Hutan
Moringa oleifera --- Gemunggai, Merunggai , Horse-radish-Tree , Remunggai
Morus alba -- Mulberi (Mulberry)
Marojejya beranitso -- Marojejya Palm
Muntiagia calabura -- Ceri, Japanese Cherry
Murdannia nudiflora -- Embun Tengahari
Murraya koenigii --- Daun Kari, Pokok Kari, Curry leaves
Murraya paniculata -- Kemuning, Sedap Malam , Orange jasmine
Musa acuminata -- Pisang Mas
Musa acuminata var Balbisiana -- Pisang Nipah
Musa acuminata colla --Pisang Serendah
Musa acuminata var sumatrana -- Blood Banana (Ornamental)
Musa balbisiana -- Pisang Benggala
Musa coccinea -- Red Banana, Red flowering Banana
Musa rosacea -- Lotus Banana (Ornamental)
Mussaenda erythrophylla --- Asanthi Blood
Mussaenda frondosa -- Balek Adap, Adap-adap
Mussaenda philippica -- Janda Kaya
Myrica esculenta -- Telur Cicak
Myristica crossa -- Pala Bukit, Wild Nutmeg
Myristica fragrans Houtt. -- Pala, Buah Pala , Nutmeg
Myrmecodia tuberosa -- Periok Hantu


Nauclea orientalis --- Bangkal
Nelumbo nuciefera -- Seroja
Neobalanocarpus hepmii --- Cengal
Neodypsis decaryi -- Triangle Palm
Neomarica gracilis --- Apostle Plant
Nepenthes albo-marginata -- Periok Kera Bibir Putih
Nepenthes spp. -- Periok Kera
Nephelium cuspidatum -- Lotong, Rambutan gergasi
Nephelium glabrum -- Redan
Nephelium lappaceum -- Rambutan
Nephelium ramboutan -- Pulasan
Nephrolepis acutifolia -- Paku Putih
Nephrolepis biserrata -- Giant Sword Fern, Paku Lara
Nephrolepis cordifolia -- Paku kupu kupu (Fern)
Nephrolepis exaltata --- Boston Fern , Paku Boston
Neptunia oleracea -- Kemang Air , Water Mimosa, Tangki
Neptunia plena --- Aquatic Sensitive Plant a
Nerium Oleander -- Oleander
Nerium oleander 'Variegata' -- Oleander Batik
Nervilia punctata -- Sehelai Setahun
Nigella sativa -- Jintan Hitam
Normanbyi normanbyi -- Black Palm
Nycthanthes arbor-tristis -- Tree - of- Sadness
Nymphea nouchali -- Kelipok (water Lily)
Nymphoides indica -- Water Gentian
Nyntanthes arbor-tristis -- Sri Gading
Nypa fruticans -- Nipah


Ochanostachys amentacea -- Petaling
Ochna kirkii -- Mickey Mouse Plant
Ocimum americanum -- Selasih putih
Ocimum basilicum -- Sweet Basil, Selasih
Ocimum grattisimum -- Ruku Hitam
Odontadenia macranttha --- Odontadenia
Oenanthe javanica – Selom
Oncospermum horridum -- Bayas
Oncosperma tigillarium- Nibung
Ophiapogon jaburan -- Mondo Grass
Ophiapogon jaburan'Variegata' -- Lalang Putih
Ophiapogon japonica -- Japanese Ophiapogon
Orbignya cohune -- Cohune Palm
Orchidantha fimbriata -- Orchidantha
Orchidantha longifolia -- Lobak hutan
Origanum vulgare - Oregano
Oroxylum indicum --- Beka, Beko
Orthosiphon aristatus -- Misai Kucing , Kumis Kucing
Oryza sativa -- Rice, Padi
Osmoxylon lineare -- Osmoxylon
Oxallis barrelieri --- Belimbing Tanah
Oxalis corniculata -- Belimbing Pasir


Pachyrhizus erosus -- Sengkuang Cina, Bengkoang
Pachystachys coccinea --- Cardinal's guard
Pachystachys lutea ---- Bunga jagung, Lollypops, golden shrimps plants
Paederia foetida --Sekentut, Paederia
Palaquium obovatum -- Nyatoh Putih, White Gutta, Taban Putih
Pandanus amaryllfolius -- Pandan Wangi , Fragrant pandan, Pandan Makan, Pandan Rampai
Pandanus atrocarpus -- Mengkuang
Pandanus aurantiacus -- Mengkuang Bunga
Pandanus helicopus  -- Rasau
Pandanus houlletii -- Pandan hutan
Pandanus immerses   --- Rasau
Pandanus kaida -- Screw Pine of Thailand
Pandanus klossii -- Screw Pine of Northern Pahang
Pandanus labyrinthicus -- Screw Pine of Sumatra
Pandanus ovatus -- Mengkuang Tikus
Pandanus tectorius -- Screw Pine , Mengkuang laut
Pandanus tectorius cultivar --- Variegated screwpine
 Pandanus tectorius ' Variegata' -- Variegated screwpine
Pandanus pymaeus ---- Pandan pigmi Kuning , Dwarf Pandan
Pandanus tectorius -- Mengkuang laut
Pandanus utilis -- Pandan Pantai, Screw Pine
Panguin edule -- Buah keluak, Kepayang
Panicum auritum -- Rumput Kumpai, R.Gumpai
Panicum maximum -- Rumput Benggala, Guinea Grass , Rumput Kuda
Panicum miliaceum -- Common Millet
Panicum repens -- Kerunong Padi, Metubung
Panicum sarmentosum  -- Rumput Janggut Ali, Rumput tongkat Ali
Papaver somniferum -- Kas kas , Opium Poppy
Parameria barbata --- Akar Serupat Putih , akar gerip Putih
Parameria polyneura --- Akar Serapat, Akar Sedang
Parashorea aptera -- Meranti Pasir
Parashorea stellata --- Damar Laut
Parastemon urophyllum -- Kelat Putih
Parinarium corymbosum -- Balau Ulat, Kayu Kutu Babi
Parinarium costatum --- Kemalau, Sekepal
Parkia javanica --- Kedaung, Kedawang,Kerayong
Parkia speciosa -- Petai
Parkia timoriana -- Petai Kerayong
Paspalum conjugatum -- Rumput Kerbau
Passiflora spp. --- Buah Susu
Passiflora foetida -- Letup-letup , Timun Dendang, Timun Padang
Passiflora quadrangularis -- Giant Granadilla, Timun Belanda
Pedilanthus tithymaloides --- Devil's Backbone , Lelipan
Pelargonium radula --- Jerimin
Peltophorum  pterocarpum --- Batai Laut, Yellow Flame
Pemphis acidulata – Mentigi
Pennisetum  purpureum  -- Rumput Gajah/ Napier
Pentace triptera -- Melunak
Peperomia pellucida -- Ketumpangan Air
Pereskia bleo -- Rose Cactus
Pereskia sacharosa -- Jarum Tujuh Bilah
Peronema canescens – Sungkai
Persea americana --- Buah Lai, Avacado Pear
Persicaria tenella Syn. Polygonum minus – Kesum
Petrea volubillis -- Sandpaper Vine
Phaeomeria maingayi -- Kantan Merah
Phaleria microcarpa -- Mahkota Dewa
Phaseolus vulgaris -- Kacang Buncis
Philydrum lanuginosum -- Rumput Kipas (Fan Grass)
Pigafetta elata -- Wanga Palm
Phaeomeria magnifica – Kantan , Torch Ginger
Phoenicophorium borsigianum -- Latanier feuille
Phoenix canariensis -- Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix paludosa -- Mangrove Date Palm
Phoenix reclinata ---- African Wild Date Palm
Phoenix roebelenii --- Dwarf Date Palm
Phoenix sylvestris -- Silver Date Palm
Phragmites karka  -- Rumput Gedabong (Common Reed)
Phryganocydia corymbosa -- Trinidad Pink Trumprt Vine
Phyllantus acidus -- Cermai
Phyllantus amarus -- Dukung Anak
Phyllantus cochinchinensis -- Vietnam leaf-flower
Phyllanthus emblica L. -- Melaka
Phyllantus myrtifolius -- Naga Buana
Phymatosorus scolopendra -- Paku Wangi, Sakat Hitam
Physalis minima -- Pokok Letup letup, Leletup
Pilea nummularifolia -- Creeping Charlie
Pimenta dioica --- Allspice
Pinanga densiflora -- Pinang Boreng Hutan
Pinanga disticha -- Pinang Boreng Padi
Pinanga malayana -- Pinang Boreng Hijau
Pinanga patula -- Pinang Boreng Patula
Piper betle --- Betel-leaf, Sirih
Piper magnificum -- Lacquered Pepper Tree
Piper nigrum --- Black pepper , Lada Hitam
Piper sarmentosum -- Kaduk
Piper stylosum -- Kaduk Hutan
Pisonia grandis 'alba' -- Mengkudu Siam, Mengkudu Putih
Pitchelobium dulce -- Madras Thorn
Pitchelobium ellipticum -- Saga Gajah
Plantago major -- Ekur Anjing
Platycerium coronarium -- Paku Tanduk Rusa. Staghorn Fern
Plethiandra -- Buah Menakan
Pleurotus sajorcaju -- Cendawan Tiram
Ploiarium alternifolium – Reriang, Riang riang
Pluchea indica -- Beluntas
Plumbago auriculata --- Plumbago, forget-me-not
Plumbago zeylanica -- Celaka, celaka bukit
Plumbago indica -- Derhaka Mertua , Indian Plumbago
Plumbago zeylanica --- Celaka Putih, Ceraka
Plumeria spp --- Frangipani, Kemboja
Plumeria rubra -- Kemboja Merah
Podocarpus imbricatus -- Malayan Yellow Wood
Podocarpus nerifolius – Setada
Podocarpus polystachyus -- Jati Laut, Kayu Cina, Sea Teak
Podocarpus ridleyi -- Jati Bukit
Podranea ricasoliana -- Pink trumpet Vine
Pogonatherum paniceum -- Slender Turf Grass
Polianthes tuberosa -- Harum Sundal Malam, Tube Rose
Polyalthia bullata -- Tongkat Ali Hitam
Polyalthia longifolia --- Asoka , Mempisang
Polygonum barbatum -- Tebuk Seludang (Knot Grass)
Polygonum capitatum -- Knotweed, Smartweed
Polygonum dichotomum --- Kawah, janggut Rimau
Polyscias filicifolia -- Fern -Leaf Aralia
Polyscias scutellaria – Tadah Embun, Semangkuk
Polyscias fruiticosa -- Kuku Geroda
Pometia pinnata -- Kasai
Pongomia pinnata -- Mempari
Pongostemon cablin -- Nilam
Pontederia cordata -- Heartleaf Pickerel-Weed
Portulaca grandiflora -- Bunga Ros Jepun, Japanese Rose , Ros Jepun
Portulaca oleracea -- Gelang Pasir, Segan Huraian ,Purslane
Pouteria campechiana -- Pokok Kuning Telur, Egg Fruit, Canistel
Pouteria obovata -- Menasi
Premna cordifolia -- Buas-buas
Pritchardia pacifica -- Fijian Fan Palm
Pritchardia thurstonii -- Thurston Palm
Pseuderanthemum reticulatum    --Yellow Vein eranthemum
Pseudocalymma alliaceum -- Garlic Vine
Pseudomussaenda flava -- Dwarf yellow Mussaenda, White Wings
Psidium guava -- Jambu Batu (Guava)
Psilotum nudum -- Paku Ekur Kuda, Whisk Fern
Psophocarpus tetragonolobus -- Kacang Botor, Kacang Kelisa, Winged Bean
Ptenandra echinata -- Sial Menahun
Pterocarpus indicus – Sena, Angsana
Pterococcus corniculatus -- Pepina, Cumbai
Pterocarpus indicus --- Angsana, Sena
Pterygota alata -- Kasah
Ptychosperma macarthurii -- Mac Arthur's Palm
Punica granatum -- Delima
Pygeum polystachum -- Medang Kelawar
Pyrenaria kunstleri -- Lidah Kerbau, Lidah Lembu, Samak Jantan
Pyrrosia piloselloides -- Sisik Naga, Sakat Ribu-ribu


Quassia amara -- Surinam Wood , Bitter
Quercus infectoria --- Manjakani
Quisqualis indica ------ Akar Dani, Chinese Honey Suckle


Ranunculus lowii -- Kinabalu Buttercup
Raphia australis -- Kosi Palm
Raphiolepis indica -- Indian Hawthorn
Raphis excelsa -- Lady Palm, Pinang Rotan, Monkey Palm
Raphis excelsa ‘Zuikonishiki' -- Palm of Success
Raphis humilis --- Slender Lady Palm
Raphis multifida -- Finger Palm
Rauvolfia tetraphylla -- Devil's Pepper
Ravenala madagascariensis -- Traveller's Palm
Ravenia rivularis -- Majestic Palm
Ravenia spectabilis -- Lemonia, Limonia, pink Ravenia
Raphanus sativus -- Lobak Putih (Radish)
Ratibida columnari -- Mexican Hat
Rhektophyllum mirabille ----- African Embossed aroid
Rhinacanthus narsutus --- AkarTeribam
Rhizophpra stylosa -- Bakau
Rhizophora mucronata --- Bakau kurap
Rhizophora apiculata -- Bakau Minyak
Rhodamnia trimerva – Mempoyan,  Silver Back
Rhododendron simsii -- Indoor Azalea, Formosa Azalea
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa -- Kemunting, Karamunting , Rose Myrtle ,
Rhopaloblaste augusta -- Kriting Ogos
Rhopaloblaste singaporensis --- Kerinting
Rhynchospora corymbosa -- Rumput Sendayan (Golden Beak Sedge)
Ricinus communis --- Castor Oil Plant , Jarak Jitun, Jarak Besar
Rondeletia leucophylla --- Panama Rose
Rondeletia strigosa – Rondeletia
Rorippa heterophylla -- Sesawi Tanah
Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum – Watercress, Selada Air
Rosemarinus officinalis – Rosemary
Rotheca incisa -- Musical Note Plant
Rothmania macrophylla -- Hidung Babi, Angel's Trumpet
Roystonea oleracea --- Caribbean Royal Palm, Pinang Raja Caribbean
Roystonea regia --- Cuban Royal Palm, Pinang Raja Cuba
Ruellia colorata -- Red flame Ivy
Ruellia malacosperma -- Soft seed Wild
Ruellia tuberosa -- Minnieroot
Ruellia repens -- Creeping Ruellia
Ruellia simplex -- Desert Petunia
Ruspolia hypocrateriformis  -- Ruddy
Russelia equisetifolia -- Fire Cracker Plant
Ruta angustifolia -- Garuda
Ruttya fruticosa scholesei -- Yellow Ruttya


Sabal causiarum -- Puerto Rican Hat Palm
Sabal palmetto -- Palmetto Palm, Cabbage Palmetto
Saccharm spontaneum -- Tebrau, Tebu Salah (Swamp Sugar cane)
Saccharum edule -- Tebu Telur
Sagittaria sagittifolia -- Keladi Cabang
Salacca edulis – Salak
Salaca magnifica. – Salak
Salix babylonica -- Weeping Willow, Weeping Willow
Salix tetrasperma – Willow
Salvia splendens -- Scarlet Sage
Salvinia molesta -- Lukui -lukut (Jenis Kiambang)
Samanea saman -- Pukul Lima, Hujan-hujan, Rain Tree
Sanchezia nobilis Syn. Sanchezia speciosa -- Sanchezia, Zebra Plant
Sandoricum koetjape --- Kecapi, Sentul
Sanseviara trifasciata -- Bowsring, mother In-Laws Tongue, Snake Plant , Lidah Jin
Santiria rubiginosa -- Kerantai
Saraca thaipingiensis --- Gapis, Golak, Saraca Kuning
Sarcostheca monophylla -- Pupoi, Belimbing Hutan
Satakentia liukiuensis -- Satake Palm
Sauropus androgynus -- Cekur Manis, Cekup Manis
Scaevola sericea --- Ambong- ambong, Aupaka, Beach Naupaka
Schefflera ridleyi --- Kerbau Amok
Schefflera simulans --- Jelutah, Bajang Beranak, Hanuman
Schima wallichii -- Seruk
Schizophyllum commune --Cendawan Sisir
Schizostachyum acuculare -- Buluh Jalur
Schizostachyum brachycladum Buluh Kuning
Schizostachyum brachycladum -- Buluh Lemang
Schizostachyum jaculans --- Buluh Sumpitan
Schizostachyum longispiculatum --- Buluh Telur
Schizostachyum zollingeri --- Buluh Semeliang, Buluh Nipis
Scirpus grossus -- Rumput Menderong (Greater Club Rush)
Scirpus juncoides  -- Rumput Bulat (Upright Club-rush)
Scirpus mucronatus -- Rumput Kercut (Bog Bulrush)
Scleria laevis -- Sialit Dudok (Sedge)
Scleria lithosperma -- Senayan Hutan, Salip (Wiry Sedge)
Scorodocarpus boeneensis -- Kulim, Bawang Hutan
Senna polyphylla -- Desert Cassia
Sesbania grandiflora -- Geti
Scaphium linearicarpum -- Kembang Semangkuk
Schefflera arboricola --- Dwarf Umbrella Tree
Schizaea digitata -- Misai Ali , Paku Rimba (Fern)
Scleria oryzoidesa -- Rumput Siku Dana
Scleria sumatrensis -- Rumput Kumba (Sumatran scleria)
Scyphiphora hydrophyllacea -- Cengam. Cigam
Secale cereale – Rye
Selaginella plana -- Selai jendela
Selaginella spp. -- Paku Rane (Fern)
Selaginella wiidenowii -- Paku Merak, Paku Selamah, Paku Tanjung
Senna surattensis, Cassia surattensis -- Glaucous Cassia
Serissa foetida ‘Snow leaves’ -- Seribu Bintang
Sesamum orientale -- Bijan, Lenga, Sesame
Sesbania grandiflora -- Turi
Setaria sphacelata -- Rumput Setaria
Setaria sphacelata var 'Kazungula' -- Rumput Kazungula
Setaria sphacelata var 'Splendida' -- Rumput Splendida
Shorea spp. -- Meranti
Shorea assamica -- Meranti Pipit
Shorea collina --- Balau Merah
Shorea falcifera --- Balau kuning
Shorea helmsleyana -- Engkabang Gading
Shorea laevis --- Damar Daun Kuning
Shorea leprosula -- Meranti Tembaga
Shorea palembanica -- Meranti Tengkawang Air
Shorea macrophylla --- Engkabang Jantung
Shorea macroptera -- Kepung
Shorea maxwelliana --- Balau Kumus Hitam
Shorea palembanica -- Engkabang Asu
Shorea parviflora -- Meranti Sarang Punai, Meranti Bunga, Meranti Daun halus
Shorea pinanga -- Engkabang Bukit
Shorea simins --- Engkabang Terendak
Shorea stenoptera -- Engkabang Rusa
Shorea sumatrana --- Balau Sengkawang Air
Sida rhombiflora -- Jerun
Sindora coriacea -- Sepetir
Sindora Siamensis – Sepetir
Sindora wallichii -- Sepetir Daun Tebal
Smilax calophylla -- Elek Tembaga,
 Smilax myosotifolia -- Ubi Jaga. Elik Besi
Solandra longiflora   -- Trumpet Plant
Solanum aculeatissimum -- Terung Asam Hutan
Solanum ferox -- Terung Asam, Terung Bulu
Solanum indicum -- Terung Pipit putih
Solanum lasiocarpum  -- Terung Asam, Terung Bulu
Solanum macrocarpum -- Terung Daun, Terung Santan, Terung Kelambur.African Egg Plant
Solanum mammosum -- Terung Susu Kambing
Solanum melongena – Brinjal, Terung
Solanum nigrum  -- Terung Meranti
Solanum sarmentosum -- Terung Puyoh
Solanum torvum -- Terung Belanda, Terung Rembang
Solanum verbascifolium -- Terung Pipit
Solanum tuberosum -- Ubi Kentang, Potato
Solanum wrightii -- Potato Tree
Solenostemon scutellaroides Syn. Coleus scutellaroides -- Ati-ati
Solenostemon amboinicus --- Bangun-bangun
Sonerila heterophylla --- Ati-ati Gajah
Sonneratia alba -- Perepat
Sonneratia caseolaris --- Berembang
Sonneratia ovata --- Gedabu
Spathiphyllum cannaefolium --- Maraval Lily
Spathiphyllum petite -- Petite Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum sensation -- Giant Peace Lily
Spathiphyllum wallisii -- Peace Lily
Spathodea campanulata ---- African Tulip Tree, Tulip Tree
Spathoglottis plicata (Many cultivars) --
Spathoglottis plicata -- Orkid Pinang, Pleated leaf Spathoglottis
Sphenodesme petandra -- Subang nenek
Spilanthes paniculata -- Getang
Spiraea japonica -- Japanese Meadowsweet
Spathodea campanulata -- Pancut
Spondias pinnata, S. cytherea ---Amra, Kedondong
Stachyphrynium griffithii -- Sagu Bemban
Stachyphrynium parvum -- Ubi Larut , Lerek
Stachytarpheta indica -- Common Snake Weed
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis -- Selasih Dandi
Stemona tuberose -- Ubi Kemili, Ubi Keling
Stenochlaena palustris -- Paku Midin, Lembiding, Paku Naga, Paku Merah
Stenotaphrum secundatum -- Rumput St. Augustine
Sterculia foetida -- Kelumpang
Sterculia parviflora -- Kelumpang Burung
Stereospermum fimbriatum --- Cahcah
Stevia rebaudiana  -- Stevia
Sthenodesme temanara --- Butang Siti Fatimah
Stigmaphyllon ciliatum -- Orchid Vine
Streblus elongates -- Tempinis
Streblus ilicifolius -- Merlimau
Striga asiatica -- Jarum Mas
Strobilanthes crispa -- Bayam Karang, Pecah Batu
Strogylodon macrobotrys -- Jade Vine
Stromanthe sanguinea --Triostar, Estromante
Strophantus gratus Syn. Roupellia grata -- Climbing Oleander
Swietenia macrophylla -- Mahogany (Broad-leafed)
Synsepalum dulcificum -- Miracle fruits, Pokok Ajaib
Syzygium aqueum (Bum.f.) Alston. -- Jambu Air
Syzygium arumaticum -- Cengkih
Syzygium cumini (L) Skeels. -- Kerian
Syzygium dyerianum --- Kerbau jantan
Syzygium inophylla -- Gelam Tikus
Syzygium jambos (L) Alston. -- Jambu Mawar
Syzygium malaccense (L) Merr. & Perry -- Jambu Bol
Syzygium polyantha Wight. – Salam
Syzygium polyanthum   ---  Serai Kayu, Salam
Syzygium semarangense (Blume) Merr. & Perry -- Jambu Semarang


Tabebuaia spectabilis --  Tecoma
Tabernaemontana divarica -- Susun Kelapa
Tacca intergrifolia -- Janggut Adam, Bat lily, black Lily, Keladi Murai
Talinum paniculatum ---- Akar Ginseng Jawa, Akar Som
Talinum trangualare --- Kolesom, Kerokot Belanda, Surinam purslane
Tamarindus indica --- Asam Jawa, Tamarind
Tarenna odorata -- Buah Karang Hutan
Tapeinochilus ananassae --- Giant Spiral Ginger, Indonesian Wax Ginger
Tecomaria capensis --- Cape Honey Suckle
Tectona grandis -- Jati, Teak
Telosma cordata --- Bunga Tonking, Bunga Siam, Chinese Violet, Tonking Flower (Creeper)
Terminalia catappa ---Ketapang,  Sea Almond
Terminalia phellocarpa -- Mempelam Babi
Terenia polygonaides -- Kerak Nasi
Theobroma cacao -- Koko
Thevetia peruviana -- Pokok Jepun, be Still tree, Yellow Oleander, Lucky Nut
Thuja Orientalis    ---Tree of Life
Thunbergia erecta -- King's Mantle, bush Clock vine
Thyphonium flagelliforme -- Keladi Tikus
Toona sureni -- Surian
Torenia fournieri --- Bluewigs
Termitomyces albuminosa -- Cendawan Busut
Tetracera indica -- Mempelas
Thaumathococcus daniellii --- Miracle Berry
Thunbergia alata --- Black-eyed Susan
Thottea grandiflora -- Hempedu Beruang
Thrinax parviflora -- Thatch Palm
Thyrsostachys siamensis --- Buluh Siam
Tibouchina urvilleana -- Glory Bush, Princess Flower
Tinospora tuberculata – Putarwali
Tradescantia multiflora -- Tahitian Bridal Veil
Tradescantia purpurea -- Purple Heart
Tradescantia spathacea Syn.Rhoeo discolor -- Oyster Plant
Tradescantia spathacea 'Vittata' -- Variegated Boat Lily
Trema angustifolia -- Menkira Lalat
Trema orientalis -- Mengkirai, Mendarong, Narong, Narong Jantan
Trema virgata -- Mengkirai lalap, Mengkirai Padi
Trichosanthes cucumerina -- Petola Ular, Snake Gourd
Trimezia martinicensis -- Walking Iris
Triphasia trifolia -- Limau Kiah, Limau Kikir, Limau Kapya
Triplochlamys multiflora --- Brazilian candles
Tristania sumatrana -- Pelawan
Tristellateia australasiae -- Maiden Jelousy
Trithrinax campestris -- South America Needle Palm
Tunbergia fragrans --- Angel Wings
Tunbergia grandiflora -- Tunbergia Putih
Tunera ulmifolia   --  Yellow Tunera, Pokok Pukul Sepuluh
Tunera subulata, -- Pokok Pukul Sepuluh, Tunera
Typha angustifolia   -- Rumput Typha. Banat, Lembang (Bulrush)


Uncaria lancea -- Gambir Laut
Urena lobata -- Pulut-pulut
Uraria crinata --- Asian foxtail
Uvaria grandiflora -- Uvaria


Vallaris glabra -- Kesidang , Bread flower
Vanilla graffithitii -- Malaysian Vanilla
Vanilla planifolia -- Vanilla
Vatica papuana -- Resak
Veitchia merrillii -- Manila Palm
Verbena tenera --- Alpine verbena
Verschaffeltia splendid -- Stilt Palm
Vetiveria zizanioides --- Akar Wangi
Victoria cruziana -- Santa Cruz Water Plant
Vigna radiata -- Kacang Hijau, Mung Bean
Vigna unguiculata, V. sesquipedalis -- Kacang Panjang
Vitex cannabiflora -- Lemuni Hijau
Vitex negundo -- Lemuni Hitam, Lengundi
Vitex ovata -- Lemuni pantai (Beach Vitex)
Vitex pinnata -- Leban, Halban
Vitex trifolia -- Legundi, Lemuni
Vitis diffusa -- Lakum
Vittaria ensiformis -- Shoestring Fern


Wedelia biflora -- Serunai Laut
Wedelia trilobata -- Creeping daisy
Wikstroermia redleyi -- Depu Pelanduk
Whitfieldia elongate -- White Candles
Wodyetia bifurcata -- Pinang Ekor Musang
Wrightia antidysenterica -- Snow flake, Winter Cherry Tree
Wrightia religiosa -- Jeliti, Melati


Xanthophyllum obscurum -- Medang Keladi
Xanthorrhoea preissii -- Grass Tree, Black Boy
Xanthosoma sagittifolium -- Keladi Telur
Xerospermum intermedium -- Rambutan Pacat
Xiphidium caeruleum -- Cola de Paloma
Xylocarpus granatum -- Nyireh Bunga
Xylocarpus moluccensis -- Nyireh Batu



Zantedeschia aethiopica --- Calalily
Zea mays -- Jagung
Zephyranthes candida -- Fairy Lily ,Lili Putih
Zephyranthes grandiflora -- Rain Lily
Zingiber aromaticum -- Lempoyan
Zingiber cassamunar --- Bonglai
Zingiber officinale -- Halia, Common Ginger
Zingiber officinale var. rubrum -- Halia Merah
Zingiber ottensii -- Lempoyan Hitam
Zingiber spectabile -- Tepus Halia, Tepus Tanah
Zingiber spectabilis -- Tepus Tanah
Zingiber zerumbet -- Lampoyang
Zizyphus jujuba -- Bidara, Chinese Date, Indian jujube
Zombia antillarum -- Zombia Palm
Zoyscia japonica   --Rumput Jepun
Zoyscia matrella -- Rumput Taiwan
Zoyscia tenufolia  --  Rumput Philippines