Wednesday 22 June 2016

Crystal Clear Flowing Fish Pond landscape with Ultra-violet and Sand Filtration System / Lanskap Kolam Ikan jernih dengan menggunakan sistem ultra-violet dan penapis media pasir

Previously, external living spaces and landscape was not regarded as important and most people spent short period of time in the evening at their outdoor spaces while gardening and watching their children playing. Nowadays we start to fully utilize our outdoor spaces and now it became as important as indoor spaces when it comes to spatial management.

Malay: Dahulu ruang luar rumah dan lanskap adalah tidak dianggap penting dan kita hanya menggunakan ruang luar hanya sekejap pada sebelah petang sambil berkebun dan memerhati anak anak bermain. Sekarang ruang luar dan lanskap telah menjadi penting dan telah diambil kira didalam perancangan pengurusan ruang.

Below is an example of a new landscape concept with a combination of aquascape (Fish pond) and a gazebo platform:

For this blog entry, I would like to emphasize more on the fish pond system that we have installed back in year 2011. It uses the ultra violet system and sand filtration system in order to maintain the water clarity. The video that we have uploaded below was taken on 11th June 2016 which is almost 5 years of it's operation. From this video, you can see the water clarity in crystal clear condition maintained even after 5 years without the need of the home owner to frequently changed the water. A lever change to 'backwash' mode from the sand filter was the only thing that the home owner required to do every week.

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